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Andre Brauns, Manager Pharmacy, CMU Saint-Pierre

After the introduction of the O2COMFORT flowmeter in one hospital campus, we saw a significant reduction in oxygen consumption. This convinced us to provide our other campus with the Oxypoint technology as well.

Andre Brauns
Pharmacy Manager
CHU Saint-Pierre Bruxelles
Magali Nys - Head nurse Surgery RZ Tienen

It’s very practical that the valves can simply stay open in comfort mode, because they will automatically close when the logistic assistants will come get the patients for their medical examination. This allows a substantial waste reduction.

Magali Nys
Head Nurse Surgery
RZ Heilig Hart Tienen
Marniek Janssens  -Technician Sint-Vincentius Deinze

Thanks to the training sessions, everyone immediately picked up the routine. The system is easy to use and when I have a rare issue to report, I'm serviced right away.

Marniek Janssens
AZ Sint-Vincentius Deinze
Yves Mentens - Pneumologist AZ St-Elisabeth Herentals

I am very satisfied with the O2COMFORT flowmeter. In our ward we see a growth curve in the use of comfort mode up to 60% due to good follow-up and periodic tips. These patients are also less inclined to take out the nasal cannula.

Yves Mentens
AZ St-Elisabeth Herentals
Lieven Hauwaerts - head nurse Respiratory Care Sint-Maarten

I have experienced the comfort mode myself and the therapy sensation is much more pleasurable than the traditional continuous therapy. We have implemented the system in the entire ward and we are happy to see that on average 60% of our patients are successfully put in comfort mode.

Lieven Hauwaerts
Head nurse Respiratory care
AZ St-Maarten Mechelen
Xavier Lefever - Chief Nurse Medicine

One of the greatest advantages of the system is that it automatically closes when the patients or the medical auxiliaries take off the nasal cannula. In the past, many valves remained open, as a result of which lots of costly medical oxygen was lost. If you give the patients the right explanations, they’ll understand the long-term advantages, which can only increase their comfort.

Xavier Lefever
Head Nurse Medicine
AZ Alma Eeklo
Xavier Van Vlasselaer - Head nurse Cardiology HH Leuven

We have a young team and we are glad that we can work with the newest systems. Our team members like to embrace new developments allowing us to save energy as well as to reduce the ecological footprint and the costs for our hospital. Moreover, we really enjoyed working with the Oxypoint team. Together, we have drawn up a dedicated protocol for our department; the Oxypoint team is very reactive and helpful.

Xavier Van Vlasselaer
Head Nurse Cardiology
RZ Heilig Hart Leuven
Joris Daems - Head nurse Pneumology Jessaziekenhuis Hasselt

By interacting with Oxypoint, we started dealing more consciously with oxygen therapy. We have learned how to treat some of the patients more efficiently, as a result of which they can sometimes even leave the hospital faster.

Joris Daems
Head Nurse Respiratory Care
Jessa Ziekenhuis Hasselt
Hans George - Head nurse Rehabilitation

More than 50% of our patients now use the comfort mode of the system. For patients who already know it from homecare, it usually works well. Patients who suffer a lot from crusting (bloody noses, feeling cold, etc.) find it more comfortable in comfort mode. Sometimes the patient is still too anxious just after admission, with a too low saturation or a feeling of dyspnea, then we start in continuous mode. Only when the patient is calm after a while we retry the comfort mode, what often works. Sometimes you have to try to convince them a bit, then it will be easier. With mouth breathing or a stuffy nose, we just use the continuous mode.

Hans George
Head Nurse Rehabilitation
Kei Oostduinkerke