oxypoint innovation in oxygen therapy

Faster recovery of patients starting with the respiration

Oxypoint is an innovator and supplier of smart solutions for the healthcare sector. Those solutions enable patients to recover faster and make it possible for the medical staff to work more efficiently. Our revolutionary flowmeters are breaking the barriersof oxygen therapy in hospitals thanks to the comfort mode. In addition, we are developing smart devices that register breathing and other vital parameters in order to monitor patients even better. We are always looking for new solutions that contribute to a higher quality of care.


how to use the O2COMFORT

O2COMFORT: comfortable oxygen therapy

O2COMFORT can administer oxygen in a traditional way, but also contains a comfort mode in which each dose of oxygen is administered only during the inhalation. The comfort settings 1 to 5 give an equivalent therapy of 1 to 5 litres per minute continuous flow (expressed in FiO2). The O2COMFORT flowmeter offers additional advantages over the traditional flowmeter and is highly suitable for every patient.


O2MATE: smart patient companion

With the O2MATE, Oxypoint is moving the direction of digital innovation of health care. Specializing in data analysis, the prototype of the Oxypoint O2MATE records the patient's breathing. This data can be automatically linked to other vital parameters, measured by external wearables and sensors. Smart data analysis is possible with our software platform. Monitoring of the patient goes even better.
Result: less workload and higher quality of care. The Oxypoint O2MATE also contains a digital flowmeter to regulate oxygen therapy. All this makes the Oxypoint O2MATE a true smart patient companion.