how to use the O2COMFORT

How to use & clean the O2COMFORT flowmeter?

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Oxypoint O2COMFORT flowmeter cleaning instructions

Correct cleaning of flowmeters is important to prevent contamination. These are the correct cleaning instructions for the Oxypoint O2COMFORT flowmeter:

  • Before cleaning, remove all connections.
  • Clean the surface of the flowmeter with a cleaning cloth and a mild detergent. 
  • Do not spray disinfectant on the flowmeter, but on the cleaning cloth.
  • Clean the surface of the flowmeter with a dry cloth.
  • Store the flowmeter in a dust-free environment, free of oil, grease or other contaminants.


  • Never clean the flowmeter with volatile organic solvents.
  • Never autoclave the flowmeter or sterilize it with ethylene oxide (EtO).
  • Never immerse the flowmeter in any liquid.
  • Never drop the flowmeter or place it in a place where it could potentially fall and/or be damaged.


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